Pirates of the Silver Sea

Halfling's Log - Day 3

Hey there, log. If that’s what you really are. I mean, as I write this on what looks like a ship made out of dead bodies, sailing through space, surrounded by the weirdest group of people/varmints/things I’ve ever seen.. I’m really not sure if this is even real, or just a nightmare brought on by that fromage from Dementilieu I ate the other night. But for the time being, I’m still nursing a little headache from “yesterday” when I was knocked out by a giant bug, so I’ll play along and believe this is all real, for now. And that means I’ll accept you’re actually a piece of paper I found in the crew berthing.

After being roused from my slumber(?) by the mezzoloth/bug guy next to me, waking for duty, I got dressed and met the rest of the crew on deck. I’m still not sure what to make of the rest of the non-bug crew in the “landing party” I’ve been forced to serve in, but I know for certain that I don’t trust … - ink smeared.. -

- more smeared ink -

We talked to Mr. Bandersnatch again, and were reminded of the general hopelessness of our situation. I quietly asked him if he knew anybody who was out to get good ‘ol Capt. Cabron. He mentioned some guys named the “Githerazi”? Of course, I thought. More weird creatures.. out to kill the evil weird creature enslaving the rest of the weird creatures on this boat. But maybe these were good-guy weird creatures who would take out Cabron, if I don’t wake up before this story ends, anyway.

Rook, Tosh and myself went down to the ship’s armory to see what kind of goodies we could pick up. I walked through aisles of swords, and finally felt one almost call out to me. It had a strange grey leather hilt, and seemed to give off an aura of power against tall folk, strange as that sounds. Seemed like a good weapon to have, when you’re half as tall as everything else you seem to come across, I thought. I took it to the quartermaster, and he said I could have it. I was content to leave, when a case full of glittering jewelry caught my eye. Tosh had done a weird thing where I could hear what he was saying, without his creepy crystal mouth moving, so I tried the reverse on him. For the sheer fun of it (since I figure that stealing from a guy who kills innocent people for fun is kind of a good deed in a roundabout way) I said to Tosh (in my head) “Hey Tash, distract this guy while I help myself to something shiny..” and it worked like a charm. He pretended that another customer was coming in, and I snatched the shiniest ring I could place my little meathooks on. I tried again, but the storekeeper bug-guy was wise to me.

Rook and Tosh perused some gear, and after a few moments the bard came down and bought some kind of magic paper. He left, and by the time we all had returned to the top deck, he’d somehow made a gigantic smorgasboard for us. I didn’t know what to make of the guy at first, but after two days with no food, he’s a good tall folk in my book.

It wasn’t long after we’d consumed some grub that we were told the ship was under attack. Zasheed (creepy eyes) took a spyglass from Bandersnatch, and I heard him mutter something about dragons. I grinned, weren’t those things only found in children’s stories? But the crew seemed to be taking it all pretty seriously, and when Tosh called over to me, I ran over and manned up a giant crossbow-looking-thing. Him and the big machine guy loaded bolts for me, and soon enough I could see things flying at us that I’d only seen before in tapestries and children’s books. I managed to calm my nerves, and shot at a big red one. Round after round, I fired off, but it didn’t seem to phase the monster a bit.

It was quite a scene. Crews of mezzoloths, and the rest of the “landing party”, firing giant bolts at a sky full of dragons. I could hear the bard singing, and strangely enough it seemed to make me feel a lot more.. courageous and helped me ignore the fact I was likely to be a dragon appetizer by the end of the day.

But the dragons ended up being the least of our worries. A bunch of green-skinned, evil-elf-looking guys with silver swords jumped onboard, and began to clean our clocks. Several people in the “landing party” were not doing very well, when suddenly a sword twisted through the air and lopped off their heads. After the last head had hit the deck, the sword returned to the hand of no less than the Cap’n. Seems he has a soft spot for us after all.

He told us to go fight some mercenaries who were coming onboard, and I don’t think anyone was in a position to disagree with the man, after seeing how easily he took out those creepy green bastards. So we ran over to the edge of the ship, where a big metal box had parked itself near the rails. One of the wizards in our group put some kind of magic cloud thingy in front of the box, but before long, a big (evil) machine guy popped out and started attacking us. More of them jumped out, and soon we were mixing it up with them. There were lots of explosions, sparks and crossbow bolts flying everywhere, but everyone seemed to be handling themselves.

All-in-all, I’d say we did pretty well for ourselves. I just can’t wait to get to Shit-town (did I really just say that?) because I’m starting to get a little “cabin fever”..



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