Pirates of the Silver Sea

Zasheed's Journal - 2

I have acquired more paper to write out my thoughts. Though I now refrain from citing the ‘day’ in this accounting as there really isn’t such in the astral sea. Just a constant gray haze outside that leaves us in confusion of time. I am sadly glad we are not the only beings on the vessel that require sleep and food, else we might work ourselves to unconsciousness. Only to wake as a part of the ship which we travel upon.

These are the kind of things that would garnish nightmares from in most. For me, it is only an addition to the nightmares that I am inflicted with already. Only giving me strength in my goals and my god in order to bring everything to an end. I have found a few such beings on this ship that are unique or the last of their kind. Constantly do I hold back the desire to strike them down in order for their line to end forever. They are too useful as tools for something a bit on the larger scale. The Captain, as repulsive as his ship design is, has the same higher calling of destruction as the chained one. A fact that has kept me in check most of the time so far…

When presented a platter of an exquisite meal free of charge, wouldn’t anyone feast on the offering? This is one such instance, gladly accepted after the first shift of Deck Swabbing. We came across something in the void of the sea, on closer inspection it was like an iceberg but made of dirt and trees floating in the gray waters. The ship made a turn toward the target, as it was such for our Captain. Placing on us the request to kill all the enemies there and take there stuff. Not the best of tasks but more interesting than the fleshy deck work.

The musical fool piped up about options that didn’t require killing. As if it were something of an arguing point we could do under his demands. Unluckily he wasn’t added to the ship right there, instead given the option of total surrender and slavery to our enemies on the dirtberg. Once we got onto the floating chuck of earth, I let them play with words. I listened in passively knowing that a fight was inevitable with the scaly creatures we came upon.

Upon hearing the key words of ‘last of our kind’ and ‘would prefer an honorable death’, I couldn’t help but cut the negotiations short. It was most amusing that as I released my spell onto the two big ones, I could see their shaman about to give in to the musical fools words. The group had little to do but to join in the fight, though one would go off to sulk worse than the crystal man. I gave it little regard as we focused on taking the lives of our enemies.

Battle is battle is battle is battle. The act itself isn’t the focus point for me but the end to which we brought the end of their race. The poison was quite annoying and others seemed to have problems with it. Though through a combination of my gods power and my own skill, was I able to stay in good health all the while dampening our foes attacks.

I was quite pleased to get my astral sea legs as I started using projected gravity to move in the void to keep out of attack range. This could be quite useful on the ship as well as I no longer need to climb around. Though the rope will still be useful as a safety line in case I get fall away from the ship…

~ Zasheed



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