Pirates of the Silver Sea

Zasheed's Journal - Day 1

I am happy to find parchment on this quite literally god forsaken ship. Though I ask not what it is made of and am glad of such ignorance. I write in order to keep my thoughts in order against the insanity of this place and the fools that reside here. To what end, even I may never know.

I started this lovely day waking up in complete darkness, standing in raunchy liquids which later were revealed as a mix of ‘bilge water’ and ‘digestive fluids’. The darkness ate up any light created by myself or the loud fools in the space with me. Deciding it wouldn’t help me getting out of there without using them in some way, we found out about our new prison. Alien in nature to that of standards as it consisted of severed arms linked together into a cage around us. Hinting at the good nature of our host and his intentions with us.

We would eventually meet said…being as much as I can say he isn’t human with glowing orange eyes. Though I can’t say he stood out among the monsters he kept, let alone the men of Crystal and Iron that was in our captured group. Numb to all the facts my senses brought to me then, lest I be overwhelmed by them. These appearances would only add to that of the surroundings. I save this bit of detail for last as it is the most disturbing. The ‘Captain’ had quite the choice of decor, using Bodies of creatures to make up his ‘Ship’. Humanoids flesh melding or locking together to form the walls, floor and ceiling of each room. The head crew able to open wounds to make doors, windows or stairs to navigate the place. I am still unsettled at the feeling of stepping across flesh.

My first instinct is the desire to just destroy it all, though my power would not be sufficient in this. My body soon to replace the damage I create. As the god I must hold secret from the others wishes, I bide my time until such a time to accomplish such a task. What is more the Irony of such a situation when our captain tells us his story. Last of his race, home world, people and culture erased completely by the gods. Possibly the only willing use they had of my master before he was chained. I made the mistake a laughing at his words, though none of them seemed to notice or care.

But I digress from our predicament, the details where just too overwhelming to not write out. Sorting them and keeping some of my sanity. The purpose we were captured was to serve as ‘slaves’ of a sort. Though ones with a few more perks than most as we would be an adventuring team for the captains away missions. While given an endless amount of menial labor to do between them. Though there was a more pressing issue on all our minds as we found that the stale bread and almost rancid water we had been provided was the last of the edible food.

For our first task, we were sent down into the storage room to retrieve food. After the torrent of ‘rotting flesh’ dishes that was spouted by one of the cooks, I didn’t have much hope for our survival. The site would meet my expectations as there were corpses hanging, dismembered in a pile and even a giant chuck of some creature just decomposing in there. One of the idiots decided to have fun with me with a light spell but then thankfully placed it on the giant ribcage. Which happened to stir up some trouble in the form of giant worms. Great, as if the small maggots were not bad enough, we now had three carrion crawlers after us.

I was pleasantly surprised as all the group rushed to combat such monsters. All moving in to make a nice meat wall that protected me. A fitting description considering the flesh we battled on top of. Wanting to keep my shield intact, I kept up my abilities to hamper the crawlers attacks in a mix of divine curses and swarming insects. It helped enough to keep the little one alive, though he seemed to have the worst of it. In the end, we had found a supply of fresh meat to sustain our bodies but not taste buds. That and I was now armed with the knowledge of my ‘peers’ capabilities to some degree.

With that, I end my writings of the exhausting day. First is to rest and recover for the further fights and labor to come. I may not be able to write until I find more parchment or a place to hide them. Until then, I cling to my sanity in such a cursed place.

May the chains break and everything be unmade.




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