The Captain of _La Luz Oscura_ and the Last of the Yugoloths


Captain Cabron is intelligent and eloquent. He is witty, sophisticated, and confident. He is skilled both in magic and swordplay. He inspires confidence and loyalty in those around him, and fear in those who would go against him. He is generous with his subordinates, and he is fair in accordance with his own personal code of conduct. He is, in most respects, an excellent captain.

He is also utterly, utterly evil.

The very substance of his ship, La Luz Oscura, is the stuff of uncountable murders. Entire cities have been depopulated for the tortured flesh of their inhabitants to be worked into the structure of his ship. And La Luz Oscura is but a foreshadowing of the murder Cabron intends to do in the multiverse. If he has his way—and he is quite determined to have his way, regardless of the costs and conseuqences—he will annihilate reality itself.

Captain Cabron is nothing if not ambitious.

One wouldn’t grasp the extent of his ambition from his appearance. Cabron favors simple sleeved shirts, leather vests, and silk pants in strong, simple colors of black, white, and grey. The only bit of flash he has upon his person is a platinum necklace with four platinum triangles hanging from the band like trophy teeth taken from sharks. He keeps a bastard sword at his back; its pommel is unjeweled, and is simple steel bound in black leather.

He stands about as tall as a man, if not a bit taller. His frame is muscular but lean, that of an endurance runner or a swimmer rather than a bodybuilder or a boxer. From the neck down, one might mistake him for being a human athlete in peak condition. From the neck up, one would not make that mistake. His skin is a charcoal grey, mottled with black. It is as smooth and hairless as a seal’s. His head is slightly elongate, and his skull is more oval than round. His face is nearly bereft of any feature, being without mouth or nose or cheeks. One does get the sense, though, in spite of his lack of a mouth, that he is constantly wearing a subtle, knowing smirk on his face. His skull is as smooth as an egg except for the two large eyes placed on either side. These eyes are filled with a burning orange light and a burning orange hate, a hate so hot that sometimes when Cabron moves his head or narrows his eyes in anger, flakes of orange fire from around his skull to hang in the air like cinders.

The source of this hate, according to Cabron, is that the gods genocided his people, the Yugoloths, and obliterated his homeworld of Gehenna, erasing all traces of both people and land from the memory of those who lived without. Or erasing nearly all traces, as it is now Cabron’s goal to find fragments of Gehenna scattered throughout the planes and reunite them to make his world whole again. That forcing such a new plane into existence in violation of divine fiat might well disrupt the whole multiverse is less a source of concern for Cabron than it is of amusement. One he has New Gehenna as a staging ground, he intends to pour forth with armies and dark sorceries to commit mass deicide, slaughtering all the gods in a climactic planes-spanning conflict, and then reshaping the emptied multiverse in accordance with his own preferences.

Whether Cabron has the capability to effect his vengeance remains to be seen. It is certain that he has the drive to put his plans into effect, and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal of mulitversal destruction. It is also certain that Cabron is among the most dangerous beings of all the planes, possessing a power and a bloodlust to rival that of the most powerful demon princes or the gods of slaughter and murder.


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