La Luz Oscura

Cabron's flagship, and the product of countless acts of murder.


La Luz Oscura (The Dark Light)

Type: Dreadnought-Class Astral Battleship (Not to be confused with an Astral Dreadnought creature)

Displacement: 45,000 tons (standard), 53,000 tons (mean war service), 58,000 tons (full load)

Length: 912 ft.

Beam: 254 ft.

Depth of Hold: 87 ft.

Draft: 36 ft. maximum

Height of Mainsail: 874 ft.

Propulsion: 4 Spell Engines, Sails—34,400 sq yd

Sail plan: Full rigged ship

Speed: 45 knots maximum (frictionless), 40 knots (atmosphere), 35 knots (water)

Complement: 3,500 Mezzoloths, 300 officers


Gundeck: 120×2.75 ton heavy 32 pound ballistae

Middle Gundeck: 108×2.5 ton Polybolos repeating medium 24 pound ballistae, 48×2.8 ton Fuego Negro fire spigots

Upper Gundeck: 120×1.7 ton light 12 pound ballistae with variable grapeshot ammunition

Quarterdeck: 48×1.7 ton light 12 pound ballistae with variable netting ammunition

Forecastle: 8×2.5 ton Polybolos repeating medium 24 pound ballistae, 1×28 ton Khin- Oin Carronade

Armor: Alchemically-treated bone and flesh plating, 5 feet minimum

Game Stats:

La Luz Oscura

Gargantuan Vehicle

HP 150,000 Space 51 squares by 182 squares Cost N/A

Regeneration 30 (If La Luz Oscura takes radiant damage its regeneration does not function until the end of the pilot’s next turn)

AC 5; Fortitude 35, Reflex 2

Speed fly 18 (hover), overland flight 20, swim 8

Pilot The pilot must sit at the helm at the aft of the ship

Crew In addition to the pilot, La Luz Oscura requires a crew of forty, all of whom use a standard action each round to help control the vessel. Reduce La Luz Oscura’s speed by 1 squares for each missing crew member. At fly speed 0, La Luz Oscura is unable to travel and sails out of control. Typically, La Luz Oscura sails with 200 active crewmembers to prevent this from occurring.

Load 3,800 medium creatures; 10,000 tons cargo

Out of Control When out of control, La Luz Oscura moves forward at half speed (not including any modifiers for its sails). Each round in atmosphere, it has a 75% chance of descending. It descends 5 squares for the first 10 rounds it’s out of control. After 10 rounds, it descends 10 squares per round. If La Luz Oscura hits the ground after descending more than 30 squares it is destroyed.

Sails La Luz Oscrua takes a penatly or bonus to its fly speed from -4 to +4 depending on the strength and direction of the wind or astral currents.

Turbo Spell Engines The pilot of La Luz Oscura can spend a standard action to make the ship gain +8 to its speed for one hour per day or +15 to its speed for five minutes per day. After this bonus has expired, the ship takes a -10 penalty to speed for 24 hours.

Horrific Appearance Aura 200 (necrotic); any living enemy that begins its turn within the aura takes 5 psychic damage and takes a -2 penalty to attack the ship or its crew


La Luz Oscura is Cabron’s flagship. Indeed, it is his only ship, but with such a mighty mobile fortress to ply the skies of the Astral Sea, any other vessel would probably be redundant and would surely be inadequate by comparison. Only a dwarven Summit-class supership, a Githyanki God Fragment with a full complement of red dragons, or the full manifestation of a deity-level power could hold any hope of besting La Luz Oscura in a direct confrontation. Smaller craft can only try to outmaneuver the enormous vessel and evade until it is possible to plane shift away, or to yield as soon as that dark dot manifests on the horizon and begins to grow into a ship as large as a city. Given Cabron’s tendency to “put captives to work on the ship,” the most desperate attempt at escape is probably preferable to surrender.

While the immense size of La Luz Oscura and its hundreds of ballistae and thousands of bloodlusting Mezzoloth marines would be enough to terrify any opponent into submission, La Luz Oscura has another factor working to make it the most feared ship on the Silver Sea. That would be the fact of its composition, as La Luz Oscura is fashioned almost entirely out of bone and flesh. Its hull and masts are composed of humanoid bodies. Some are sutured together, others are fused by some sort of alchemical process that causes their flesh to melt like candle wax and commingle and resolve into one horrific mass, some seem bound only by the death-grip of grasping limbs and hands and teeth. The bodies are intact to various degrees; one section of the hull will feature whole bodies bound together in a kind of embrace while another will be but a vast panel of interlocked arms. Some portions of the ship involve the bodies of giants or exotic creatures, but for the most part the ship is fashioned from medium-sized humanoids. The sheer number of bodies involved indicates that entire cities must have been depopulated in the course of La Luz Oscura’s construction, a fact not lost on any who would look at the dread vessel as a foe. The ship’s sails are the stitched-together skins of even more victims, and its spars and rails are fashioned from bone, whether singular bones that look as though they were stripped from whales or giants or great conglomerations of bones woven together in a matrix of tendon.

Most awful of all is that the bodies in the ship seem to be alive. They crawl and shudder and claw and clutch, with the end result that the whole hull is in slow but constant motion. One particular body might be at the stern one day and have flowed up to the bow the next. The limited range of motion of the bodies does not enable them to leave the structure of the ship, and no matter how much the bodies grapple with one another in poses that could be interpreted as panicked or murderous or sexual (or all of these), the hull is never left with any gaping breaches. If one body clambers away, another one clambers up to take its place. If there is a pattern to these currents of motion, it is known only to Cabron himself; it does seem as though there is an upwelling of bodies from within the hull walls to the exterior of the hull, as hands and heads are ever forcing their way to the exterior like drowning swimmers desperate for breath. In addition to this life is the suggestion of sentience. While the ship is mostly silent except for the constant susurrus of flesh sliding over flesh, at times one of the bodies in the walls screams or begs or launches into some broken telling of its memories, insisting on its now obsolete individuality. This is rare, as it would seem that most of the bodies, even those that retain the organs necessary for thought and speech, exist in a state now that prevents the production of language. Even so, it is not unknown for a corridor to be filled with conflicting whispers or for the entire ship to erupt in one great concerted chorus of agony.

The architect of all of this horror is none other than Cabron himself. In creating the ship, he has employed necromantic and alchemical techniques unique to the Yugoloth and now otherwise forgotten. Gazing upon La Luz Oscura, it is not difficult to understand why the gods banished his race from existence.

It is Cabron’s will and his skill that holds the ship together. He is responsible for adding new portions to the ship and for deleting or re-arranging existing ones, which he does frequently in accordance with his mercurial aesthetic sense. The ship answers to him; doors will not open if he does not will it, and entire rooms may collapse in, crushing and enveloping their contents, if he so chooses. His precise means of control are unknown to any other than himself, and Cabron would not reveal these methods under any circumstances.

Cabron conceives of La Luz Oscura as being the seed of a New Gehenna. When he re-creates his home plane, he will use salvage the parts in La Luz Oscura and use them to create a new Crawling City or a new Khin-Oin.

La Luz Oscura

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