The Crew of La Luz Oscura


As mezzodemon (MM2 in 4e).


La Luz Oscura’s mezzoloths began their careers as mezzodemons in the Abyss. According to Cabron, they were only serving as demons on account of a race-wide amnesia, their memories of their original and true identities as Yugoloths having been destroyed along with their home plane of Gehenna before they were shipped out to serve in the Elemental Chaos. Through liberal use of both hook and crook, Cabron has managed to recapture over three thousand of these fiends and put them to use as sailors and marines aboard his nightmare ship.

Once aboard La Luz Oscura, the mezzoloths blink and start as if waking from a dream. Their eyes turn from green to orange, and they kneel and swear loyalty to Cabron. The source of Cabron’s absolute power over them is known only to the captain himself. They then serve in whatever capacity as is requested of them, though they most prefer those tasks which encompass the greatest capacity for direct violence, such as manning the ballistae or training as shock marines to board enemy vessels. Such positions carry a kind of prestige among the mezzoloths, going only to those among the ranks who have proved themselves to be utterly free from any taint of demonism and ready to do Cabron’s bidding at the drop of a tri-cornered hat.

To commemorate their vanished volcanic homeland, the mezzoloths have taken to wearing jewelry of igneous rock embedded into their carapaces. While Cabron maintains a tight control over any actual recovered Gehenna fragments, this does not stop the mezzoloths from using more mundane stones as an outward show of solidarity. Obsidian is the stone of choice, and many of the mezzoloths aboard ship have gouged out bits of flesh and chitin from their bodies to be replaced by irregular hunks or smooth panels or even intricate and detailed inlays of the black volcanic glass.


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