Mister Bandersnatch

The Pilot of La Luz Oscura, and a Kind Heart Among Dark Souls


Rogue (?)


Mr. Bandersnatch is the pilot of La Luz Oscura. He doesn’t seem to be too happy about his job—he is very open about stating that he only remains on board because Cabron has promised to visit torture and murder Mr. Bandersnatch’s daughter should the pilot ever desert. Bandersnatch is openly critical of Cabron and the New Gehenna endeavor, even to Cabron’s face; curiously, Cabron never opts to punish Mr. Bandersnatch for his impudence.

Perhaps Mr. Bandersnatch receives some amount of indulgence on account of his impressive nautical skills. Bandersnatch is an accomplished pilot, having served on board merchant and packet ships for several decades before being brought aboard La Luz Oscura. One expects that Cabron would rather have one of his own for a pilot, but the mezzoloths seem to be bereft of any skills that don’t relate to torture and murder. Mr. Bandersnatch, on the other hand, has repeatedly proved his ability to coax a speed and agility out of La Luz Oscura that belie her size. Nevertheless, every time La Luz Oscura captures an enemy vessel and a captive pilot is brought on board, Mr. Bandersnatch can be observed to grow very dour, frowning even deeper than his usual scowl, but none of the potential replacements has ever emerged from belowdecks to usurp Mr. Bandersnatch’s place at the wheel.

Mr. Bandersnatch is in his late middle age, which is remarkably old for a goblin. He wears a long grey beard down to his chest, bangled with red glass beads and small shells. He wears a permanent squint even in the soft light of the Astral Sea, the legacy of many years of exposure to the light of a much stronger sun on a Prime world. His clothes are the loose shirt and trousers of a practical seaman.

He is a notably sympathetic soul on board a ship literally made of murder, and is quick to offer salty advice or what information he has at his disposal to newcomers. Unlike most of the rest of the La Luz Oscura’s crew—and most of the rest of his race, if stereotypes have any truth to them—he doesn’t seem to derive any enjoyment whatsoever from seeing people suffer, preferring instead to bow his head and turn away.

Mister Bandersnatch

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