Rollo Tomassi

No rat too big, no tunnel too small for the greatest exterminator of them all.. bane of foul vermin, and carrion in walls, if you've got an infestation, there's but one halfling to call..


14 STR 11 CON 21 DEX 11 INT 10 WIS 10 CHA

AC 20 43 HP

Class Features: First Strike, Rogue Tactics: Brutal Scoundrel, the usual junk.

Feats: Backstabber, Toughness, Lost in the crowd

At-will powers: Piercing Strike, Disheartening Strike

Encounter powers: Second chance, King’s Castle, Bait and Switch, Sneak in the attack

Daily: Pommel Smash


Goblin Totem Short Sword +2 Duelist’s Dagger +1 Flaming Crossbow +1 Bloodcut Leather Armor +1 .. and a mysterious ring, swiped from the ship’s armory..


Born in the city of Il Aluk, within the demiplane of dread, to Roberto and Rowina Tomassi, owners of the city’s most famed extermination business. Rollo was essentially born to be a world-renowed hunter.. of vermin. As soon as he could hold a fly swatter, Rollo began his training as a master of the internecine arts. It wasn’t long before he was following in his father’s stealthy footsteps, into crawlspaces, catwalks, sewers, ducts, and all manner of small and unseemly places. However, Rollo was destined for even greater things than restoring pest-free living to the wealthy. During the great infestation of CY 874, Rollo bravely joined a crew of adventurers who delved the labyrinthine caverns of Il Aluk’s sewers to find the mastermind behind the swarms of rodents which struck seemingly at random – a wererat!

A hero was soon baptized in the glorious refuse that is sewer combat, and Rollo emerged, ready to take on vermin large, small or supernatural.

to be continued, but my laptop battery is dying..

Rollo Tomassi

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