A Shardmind Monastic Wizard seeking penance for a dark past


Str 8 Con 14 Dex 14 Int 19 Wis 16 Cha 10

HP 41, Bloodied 20, Healing Surges 8 @ 10

AC 22 FORT 14 REF 17 WILL 16

Trained Skills Acrobatics: 11 Heal: 10 History: 11 Other skills of note: Arcana: 10


Shintarel (Khopesh of Oaths Fulfilled +1) Beylin’s Shadowdancer Garb (Cloth Shadowdance Armor +1) Sierra’s Blessed Dragontooth Orb (Petrified Orb of Nimble Thoughts +1) Corellon’s Boon of Arcane Might


A painful awakening. Coming into consciousness in shattered pieces. Spending years coalescing fragments of his body Tosh traveled the world as sharddust the light of his soul barely a flicker in the wind, particulated and attempting to become whole. Over the centuries his form slowly pieced itself together. Each fragment conscious, glowing, learning. Present at events that would not be heralded in bardic song.

Once the prize fought over in a great war between 3 kingdoms thinking him merely a large, shining jewel to be displayed as a trophy of wealth and status. None of the kings knew what truly lay before them. That as time would pass this jewel would grow the light of its sould would become brighter and blind their greedy eyes. As the kings sent soldiers and militia to die by the thousands, Tosh made a reminder to never let greed rule him. Some days Tosh is bitter that Faltus, the victor, saw his kingdom fall to ruin before Tosh was coalesced enough to walk out of the treasury on his own.

Eventually pulling his being into a complete humanoid entity. Tosh found himself on the side of a road. With no formal knowledge of direction or geography the young Shardmind found himself wandering without aim. After three days of travel he found himself before a Mage’s academy. Greeted by Gnomes and Eladrin who sought to study the nature of a creature who needed no sustenance and yet did not seem to be created by traditional arcanic means fascinated many of the Wizards.

The Wizards did not formally seek to teach the Shardmind their skills, however, with an Intellect far exceeding many of the academies masters and an aptitude for arcane arts Tosh learned the rudimentary cantrips in fewer than 5 years. He read about theology and the great religions but saw little influence that the gods were an active force in the world of man.

One night while meditating and attempting higher level enchantments Tosh began to feel fatigued. An unknown desire to sleep came over him and for the first time since he came into awareness of his own being the Shardmind slept. In his slumber the great Goddess Corellon visited him. A radiant vision with Amethyst hair and skin that sparkled and bubbled like Elven champagne. Her starlight eyes pierced into Tosh’s soul as she spoke: “You shall become my champion. A great guide for mortal men to follow, the last avenger I shall ever need. You must seek the aide of another. The one known as the Dragon Layer will guide you.”

Tosh awoke to find himself outside of the Mage’s academy. Scared and confused he found his body fragmenting itself apart. Concentrating and calming his emotions the Shardmind Mage pulled himself together. And yet again, began to roam the lands. Not intent of seeking our the Dragon Layer, Tosh was bitter that he was tasked with such a charge. Corellon had done nothing for him in the past. Casused many men to become corrupt at the prospect of possessing his Soullight for themselves. The gods can not be ignored so easily.

While traveling Tosh found himself in a Frost Dragons’ lair. The icy breath of 5 whyrmlings horifying him. His soullight fading as he knew this was his end. A great roar came from behind all around him. A great Blue Dragon flew down before him breathing lighting and carrying a rider with hair the same amethyst color as Corellon. The dragon and rider deftly slew the wyrmlings in a flurry of slashing glaive and flashing lightning. When the battle was over Tosh cowered behind the corpse of a felled wyrmling, fearing that these warriors would end him.

The dragon rider put away her weapon and extended an armor clad hand to the mage. It was then that Tosh realized this warrior was a woman. Silver armor covered her strong but feminine frame. She whispered a prayer “May the Dragon Layer’s blessing keep you strong and fit for battle.” She was the dragon layer. Tosh spoke to this woman about his vision from Corellon. “Corellon told you to seek guidance from me? Ha ha! The great battle priestess of the Storm Father is the train the Mage God’s new pet? I cannot pass such an opportunity! Kord’s glory would only be made greater by your triumph’s, and if you die in obscurity it serves you right for not choosing to follow the will of a real god!”

The Battle Priestess, Sierra, began instruction immediately. Handing Tosh a short sword she instraucted the young mage to cut the teeth from the wyrmling corpses. From those teeth the priestess began to fashion an ivory sphere and imbued it with her blessing: “You should learn how to use a real weapon. But I have seen Wizards weild fierce power with these globes. This one is better than all others of course. The Storm Father has given you tactical advantage in battle. Remember to use it… so many fools have fallen for casting aside the god’s gifts.”

Sierra and her dragon mount flew the mage to a secluded monastery dedicated to Corellon. Beseiged by requests to renounce the Storm Father and join what she termed “The cult of the incompetence” Sierra saw her duties in guiding Tosh complete she left.

Tosh set about diligently with monastic training. His short time with the Dragon Layer led him to great realizations: 1) his body was fragile, and so was his soul. Both needed to be tempered. 2) The will of the gods cannot be denied without paying the ultimate price. 3) He needed to learn to use a real weapon.

Though the training to become one of Corellon’s “Avenging Wizards” was not without its hardships, Tosh learned to enjoy the monastic lifestyle. Training his body to balance on a tightrope trained his mind to refine its ability to balance multiple thoughts. Through meditation he was able to refine his physical form, brighten his inner light and achieve a harmony he had not known since coming into awareness.

The temple became his home, and would have been perfect if not for a bitter rival. Beylin. Beylin had been a special case to the monastery before Tosh arrived, and had garneder special privelige based on his Dark Fey heritage. The Drow knew how to blend in with Shadows and struck with fierce daggers. Praised for seeing Corellon’s way and turning against Lolth, Beylin had been the pride of the temple until the Dragon Layer brought in the new Champion of Corellon. Beylin sought in all ways to usurp Tosh’s notoriety, but such trials only ended with the Shardmind adjusting to new difficulties and becoming more powerful and exhalted.

The final test before acolyte becomes a fully fledge Avenging Wizard involved the capture of Arcane Might. A boon granted by the Mage God to those who show supreme skill in the arcane arts while wandering the wilds of the spirit realm. Wandering through the forest in search of spiritual enlightenmient and arcanic power a great blackness befell the Shardmind. Not knowing which way to go, and fearing that he had entered the spirit realm without intent Tosh became horribly frightened crashing sounds knocked him about and blades of darkness cut into his crystal skin. The normal composure that held his body together began breaking down. His soullight began fading and Tosh took another first in his life. He prayed. Prayed to Corellon for guidance, for a light to help him survive this darkness.

A small glimmer of moonlight glinted before the Shardmind’s eyes. Much like his own body the light pulled itself into a whole. A hovering sphere. The moon wisp led Tosh out of the darkness and into the path of the Drow who immediately attacked.

A fiercely intense battle began. Tosh was able to contend on most levels with Beylin, but the dark elf knew powers of thunder and shadow which rattled the fragments of his body and confused his mind. Tosh fought back with a rain of needles pinning the Drow in place. The battle came down to a final blow. Both combatants fatigued and drained of their superior tactics. The Drow shifted and readied his daggers for attack. A fierce anger overtook Tosh, that this dark fey could so beat one of the gods’ chosen was an affront to his beliefs. His innerlight burst with the fury and his body shattered into a swirling vortex of crystalline shards. Beylin was not prepared for this assault, and without seeing where the attack came from was knocked unconscious by the the pommel of Tosh’s short sword.

In a moment of arrogance that has since haunted him, Tosh removed the dark elf’s clothing. The armor which had so aided the drow in blending into the shadows would now adorn his most hated rival. The Corellon had blessed Tosh with victory, the moon wisp hovered around a gentle reminder of the goddesses ever presence. Barely conscious, the Shardmind limped back to the monastery and the the completion of his ceremony. A gift to all Avenging Wizards was a Sword, to be named by the High Priestess of the Order. Shintarel would be the blade to carry out Corellon’s will. Tosh was sent to the sacred spring, to await the high priestess arrival and finalize his ascension into the order with a baptism.

While Tosh waited Beylin returned to the temple. Setting fire to the grand hall the temple burned to the ground from the inside. The exits were locked. From the eldest of Corellon’s Avenging Wizards to the youngest acolyte burned with the building. Beylin’s pride and anger turned against Corellon and to the dark embrace of the Spider Queen.

The light and smoke caught the attention of the Shardmind. Racing back to the temple Tosh sees a naked Drow gone mad. Standing over charred bodies and stabbing the remains with his daggers chanting “The Champion of Corellon cannot save his kind. Lolth’s little brother shall rip out all their spines.”

Tosh is overtaken with anger again and lunges towards the Drow!


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