Zanehil (Zane) Fellbrooke

Many will pay to watch my performance... but few will realize it


Class and build:

Bard (Valorous)
Height: 6'0     Weight: 170     Age: 28     Alignment: Unaligned     Deity: Corellon

Starting stats:

(STR 9) (CON 16) (DEX 12) (INT 14) (WIS 10) (CHA 18)

Final Stats:

(STR 9) (CON 17) (DEX 12) (INT 14) (WIS 10) (CHA 19)

Defenses and Health:

(AC 19) (FORT 15) (REF 16) (WILL 17)
(HP 44) (Bloodied 22) (Surge Value 11) (Surges Per Day 10)
Initiative +3     Speed 6     Passive Perception 15     Passive Insight 13

Trained Skills:

(Arcana +9)(Athletics +5)(Bluff +13)(Diplomacy +13)(Intimidate +11)

Untrained Skills:

(Acrobatics +3)(Dungeoneering +3)(Endurance +5)(Heal +3)(History+5) 
(Insight +5)(Nature +3)(Perception +3)(Religion +5)(Stealth +3)(Streetwise +7)(Thievery +3)


(Ritual Caster)(Improved Majestic Word)(Strength of Valor)(Skill Power "Battle Feint")

Race Features:

(Dilettante Commander's Strike) (Duel Heritage) (Group Diplomacy)

Class Features:

(Bardic Training) (Bardic Virtue of Valor) (Majestic Word) 
(Multiclass Versatility) (Skill Versatility) (Song of Rest) (Words of Friendship)


At-Will: Guiding Strike, War Song Strike
Encounter: Majestic Word, Commander's Strike, Words of Friendship, Shout of Triumph,
Rhyme of the Blood Seeking Blade, Battle Feint
Daily: Slayer's Song
Utility: Song of Courage


Adventurer's Kit, Ritual Book, Lute, Hand Crossbow, Crossbow Bolts

Magic Items:

(Harsh Songblade +1)(Deathcut Hide Armor +1)(Bloodthirst Bracers)
              (Razor Shield "light")

Rituals Known:

Glib Limerick, Comprehend Language, Fool's Gold

SO you’d like to know where I come from eh? Well I can’t blame you. After all only the gods know how long we will be stuck aboard this vessel and there is little to talk about otherwise.

I was born amongst the Glamourweave clan, In a massive elven city know as Are’s Ara’hes, otehrwise known as “The Kingdom of the Oasis.” Now I’d imagine that you’re probably picturing some exotic and cultured elven city, living in some large and stereotypical networked grove of rare trees, planted in the center of some nourishing Oasis, in the middle of a merciless desert. Well in regard to your thoughts I would say… that you are absolutely right. However! Do not be so quick to fantasize it as paradise, as I have seen it’s true colors! While some call my people cultural, I happen to call them harsh and close minded! Stuck in their ancient ways, they bath and sit in their auras of arrogant pride and oppressive nobility. Tis truly no place for outsiders, and was certainly no place for someone as charming and passionate as myself.

Some twenty five years ago a band of human soldiers were to be stationed at the dwarf city of Paraz Peak, just a few miles North of my “beloved” homeland. Supposedly a bloody battle was held outside of our sands and of this result many wounded soldiers crawled their way up to our gates. There charged with caring for these soldiers, a very young and beautiful elf known as Evandriel began to become smitten with one of the wounded commanders. Over the course of the time she cared for him, she grew to love him as he entertained her with songs and tales of the outside world. As it was inevitable the night before his return to his homeland, they made love and he left. Evandriel at the age of twenty four (young for the age of an elf) was with child. This child, was in fact, yours truly…

Growing as a boy and into my teenage years I was faced with many difficulties. Though I was allowed to participate and learn with my fellow “kin” there was no effort spared to make me feel lesser. Many of the elders would often talk down to me, or even give me glances as if to them I was some sort of abomination. Often I was ignored or ridiculed by the children of noble status and higher elven skill. I often fed them their harsh remarks as I struggled with my training. Though I was sturdier and quite quick, I simple was not as dexterous or nimble as the others. However! Despite also struggling with my arcanic training, I must say I had quite a knack for charm and illusory spells. Needless to say I often got into trouble for “practicing” these spells on the other youths. Thankfully my silver tongue kept me out of countless consequences, which I’m sure if it didn’t they would have torn off my ears!

As time passed I began to further develop, but in their minds I was simply digressing. I had given up trying to become an elf, and focused on just having fun, at my own cost of course. I played tricks on my kin, flirted with and wooed many girls, and often found myself in a fight or two. They called my mother a whore… so I charmed them into punching their own teeth out. It seemed I had no real place here. I was not skilled enough to be a scout or warrior, nor proficient enough with magic. As a last effort to separate me form the others, they charged me with the task of delivering and picking up supplies on route… through the desert. Every day I traveled, back and forth between Are’s Ara’hes and Paraz Peak to deliver… minerals, salt and bronze, or herbs, seeds, and roots, depending on which side I was moving toward. Despite the harsh conditions I must say I found my my efforts to be worth the rewards. I was accompanied by a camel named Seisu. He didn’t say much, but at least he couldn’t criticize like the others. Also I did get to spend nights in Paraz Peak’s mighty dwarfen halls. The halls were filled with echos and chaos as creatures from all walks of life traveled through. There I met dragonborne and gnomes, tiefligs, and humans! It was quite an experience! Four days every month I could laugh and drink and sings songs in the company of those who didn’t mind my presence. I would often visit a tavern called “The Salty Gnome” for a quick drink or two. There I befriended the tavern keeper known as Balhgrum. He would often share stories with me about the world. I learned of mighty heroes and tales of oddity, and from time to time we would walk down to the engineering department to view their constructs and vehicles. For 4 days a month, I was happy…

It was one fateful night just after my 17th birthday I arrived at the tavern to find all inside weeping uncontrollably. It was then the notes hit my ears, and illusions of color and sound filled the room, I was upon a late battlefield, bodies strewn about in carnage, smoke choking the sun. My eyes focused to find a small boy struggling to lift the body of his fallen father. The boy cried out… and my heart broke. My stomach churned, and I felt a despair and loneliness I had never felt before. I wept hard and uncontrollably. The boy buried his father and left the field alone. The visions blurred and all reality faded back and my emotions were restored. Attempting to gather my thoughts I looked onward toward the back of the tavern to find a man, dressed in all blue holding a violin, stand up and leave. I was speechless! The visions I saw, could he have created them? Did he have the power to manipulate the emotions of others? Though I attempted to seek him out, he was nowhere to be found. All I knew was that he was known as “The Blue Bard.” It was then I knew my calling…

Wuthin the time of two years, with some money I had saved and with some heirlooms my mother had given me, I was able to purchase some instruments imported from the orients. long lute and a wooden flute, now in my possession, were to be the instruments to my power. I intended to acquire the power like that of the Blue Bard’s and use to share the greatest stories imaginable. I practiced day and night, and for once my people seemed pleased with me, like I had finally earned a purpose in their eyes.They implored me to keep playing, and the lovely girls fought to “pay attention” to me. Once again however I found a way to taint my reputation, and this time it was my undoing! I had managed to woo a beautiful women by the name of Alythea and was quite fortunate to be taken to her bed. Shortly after we had started however, the doors blew open and a regiment of armored guard filled the room and tore me away from her. Struggling to break free, I then paused to realize that I had forgotten something quite significant. You see Alythea is the daughter of lord Akeyan, who, 5 years ago, had arranged a marriage for his daughter with with the Son of Lord Glamourweave… you know, the ruler of this city. His son Seresis was to inherit the throne and bear children with his new “queen.” I think I recall smiling and shrugging stupidly before blow to the back of my head and blacking out… Well… I suppose I had it coming… But I would’ve like to have finished…

I awoke with my face buried in the sand. Next to me, a fired arrow lay with a note attached. Nicely summarized, I was exiled never to return. SO I dusted myself off and left. The next 8 years I have spent performing and experiencing the delicacies of life. I have seen many places and met many people. I have witnessed events far and wide. I’ve even met a woman or two. All of course at the cost of a few debts. Now don;t go telling anyone, but lets say I’ve borrowed quite a bit of money from some various, and apparently quite notorious, individuals. There’s the Blue steel serpents…thats about 2000 gp right there…and the Krenshaw Mugs, and the the Black Ravens… and then there was that once incident in ALtdorf… I do feel terrible for those orphans. Anyways, I must just so have happened to have fallen behind on some of those payments… but not to worry! Such is the cost of living life to its fullest! Besides, I’m stuck on a ship in the middle of Astral Sea. What are the odds of them finding me here right?

Zanehil (Zane) Fellbrooke

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